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At LEMON POPPY SEED, the inner feeling and outer image that each of our customers projects, in both their professional and social lives, is of the utmost importance.
Our philosophy is based on enhancing both these aspects, working with their individual style and character.

The approach we take toward each customer is in accordance with:

– their style
– their facial features and colouring
– their desire
– their needs
– their lifestyle

Each strand is treated as an individual organic body element and we therefore evaluate its structure along with its texture. Throughout the duration of the haircut we consider the texture to ensure the shape we create will be manageable and flexible on a daily basis.
We believe that a haircut should be accompanied by colour in order to achieve the desired style 100%. Colour, whether in natural tones or artificial shades, enhances the full body of the cut and allows the natural flow of the hair strand which simultaneously emphasizes its appearance.
Having an excellent technical grasp in hairdressing, we implement our approach in four steps “cut – colour – styling – product” where each step enhances the previous to guarantee 100% satisfaction based on the 5 points stated above, determined by our client.
Our services offer the best quality in a minimal surrounding with attention to detail, where music and positive energy are the dominating elements.

Training Services

Lemon  Poppy Seed, parallel with its salon activities, is a training organizer. We invite some of the best European education teams in the very centre of Athens for hairdressing training seminars.

Here, salon owners and their staff can train themselves according to their needs. You can choose if you want to have a guest team either for in-salon education or to participate in one of our seminars that we organize for very small audiences.

All seminars are tailor-made. This means that in whatever you choose to be trained (either cutting or colouring) you can discuss your needs with us and we will inform the guest team for your needs, we will provide you with the appropriate models, in order to strengthen your weak points. If your needs are completely different from the level of the seminar we organize, we will prompt you to attend another seminar in another period that suits you better.

Our seminars are suitable for hairdressers who travel abroad for training and they don’t want to spend that amount of money anymore. We bring you high quality training in affordable prices without having to leave your business back and lose money.

Bring your passion and let everything else to us!!



7 Protogenous str., Psiri, 105 54, Athens, Greece

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For training services:


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